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Professional Development Opportunities

Support That Makes a Difference

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REBT Supervision
£75 per hour

Refine your skills

We are able to provide professional supervision in REBT from AEI accredited supervisors with significant clinical experience and supervision expertise.  Use the button below or email us to enquire about availability.  (NB: Those wishing to have supervision of recordings for Associate Fellowship, please contact us for further discussion).

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Personal Therapy
ONLY available to people training in REBT

Experience the ongoing benefits of REBT

If you are training in REBT you will have experienced the insights and benefits offered even from brief peer counselling.  If you want to receive further REBT therapy for yourself to help your own well-being as well as deepen your  experience of REBT, we can help. We are willing to connect you either to a qualified REBT therapist or supervisor or if you prefer we can try to link you with someone training in REBT who may need to record the sessions for their own development.

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