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REBT UK Welcomes You

Train in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy


Free IAREBT Webinar

Laptop Screen Cafe

“Tic’d”, an interactive program designed to engage REBT therapists in CBIT therapy.

27 April 2024 7am EEUU (GMNT -8)

The IAREBT next free webinar features Paul DePompo speaking about CBIT for REBT therapists.  You can click the link below to visit the registration page of the IAREBT for more detailed information on the webinar and learn how to register.

Remember to check back here regularly for updates.

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REBT UK is a founding member of IAREBT


Our Story

REBT UK is the only IAREBT approved training course in the UK.  Undertaking training with us means that you will be accredited by an association of the largest REBT training providers in the world.  

The IAREBT is devoted to the promotion of, training in, therapeutic practice and research into REBT.  Our goal is to ensure that the qualities of the REBT approach are made as accessible as possible whilst ensuring high quality therapeutic practice.

"The expense of making yourself panicked, enraged, and self-pitying is enormous. In time and money lost. In needless effort spent. In uncalled-for mental anguish. In sabotaging others’ happiness. In foolishly frittering away potential joy during the one life—yes, the one life—you’ll probably ever have."

Albert Ellis, How to Stubbornly Refuse to Make Yourself Miserable about Anything - Yes anything!

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We are keen to run some shorter workshops for REBT practitioners and people interested in REBT.  Please let us know what would interest you.

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